Netzke Show Cattle Netzke Show Cattle
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Netzke Show Cattle was established in 2007, after the purchase of our first show heifer “Paris”. The genetics also used to start our herd stemmed from Netzke Brothers, who have been in the club calf industry for over 25 years. We have since added powerful donors and highly productive females to our lineup and are constantly striving to incorporate genetics to our herd that are backed with excellence.

As we are passionate about offering our most elite genetics for sale each year, our goal is to produce show steers that can win at all levels and show heifers that perform in the show ring and out in the pasture after their show career. We strive to produce sound, functional cattle to meet cattlemen’s needs.

Over the past decade, it has been a great journey. We take immense pride in establishing relationships with past, present, and future customers. Industry leader’s guidance and insight have also played a valuable role in helping us. We truly value the strong friendships we have made along the way. If you are ever in our area, please feel free to stop by to chat or see what Netzke Show Cattle can offer you.


Netzke Show Cattle Netzke Show Cattle
Glen Netzke: (507) 530.6275
Paige Netzke: (507) 829.7926
Christian Netzke: (507) 829.3284
Thomas Netzke: (507) 530.6276
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